Team JEJ 

My group overall are great we have 2 new members to the group this week, Paige and Karim and they have contributed to the group well, When it came down to researching Kettle we had already spilt up the research James was looking at 3 factors of the pestle, Environmental, Technological and economical, Emily looked at the other 3 remaining factors and me along with the 2 new members added to what I had already found on micro factors effecting Kettle chips.


Macro factors

P – Kettle will have to take into account the UK might look into having a fta tax for “foods containing more than 2.3% saturated fat” Kettle in their current recipes have 3.5g of saturated fat which is equivalent to 7% of your RDA set by the food agency, If the Government was to introduce this the Kettle will have to change their recipes.   

E – Kettle chips are seen as a premium crisp brand which is not only hinted at as they sell their whole selection of crisps at Waitrose but the fact that they also price there crisps higher than your normal Walkers crisps, Kettle chips 50g bag are 25p more expensive the Ready salted Walkers 50g on the Waitrose site.

S – Because Kettle chips are priced more expensive than its competitors in our group we discussed that Kettles target market would be up class people with a higher disposable income. These people would care more about there social status and the brands they buy than the money it cost’s to acquire these brands.

T – The only technological advancements that we could find with Kettle is the use of social media to get there brand out there, As Kettle had only launch its self properly in 1988 with the launch of kettle foods.

L – All manufactured food in the UK has to follow the rules set by the food standards agency, for mass produced food such as kettle crisp’s this will include things like having the nutritional values clearly labelled on the packaging and what additives are in the products.

E – With all businesses now a day getting involved is very important and kettle is no exception with the company doing fundraisers and supporting a number of charity’s, this is so they come across as a big friendly company.







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