Blog Entry Two, W/C 13th October TOWS Analysis Table

Two weeks ago we finally decided, after much discussion to do our inforgaphic project on Kettle Chips. This week our group met in our workshop session to put together our macro (external, PESTEL) and micro factors (internal) into a TOWS analysis table in order to distinguish critical success factors. John and Paige were unable to attend this session however they let us know beforehand and offered to do work in their own time, which we accepted. John conducted further research into the Kettle Foods brand so that we had some concrete evidence to support our findings.

In the workshop Jamie, Karim and I discussed which factors belonged in either the ‘threats’, ‘opportunities’, ‘weaknesses’ or ‘strengths’ sections of the TOWS analysis table. For each category we decided on three factors that we could use in order to create the critical success factors. For example, our first external threat, T1, revolved around the fact that Kettle Chips have a large competitive set, being in the savoury crisp market. We then listed the first internal weakness W1, being their high selling prices compared to competitors. After we had done this for each heading we merged the factors together to make the critical success factors. We put T1 and W1 together to make our first critical success factor ‘the large amount of competition could affect Kettle Chips pricing strategy and force them to drive down their premium prices’.

Our next steps towards the completion of the infographic will be to complete our TOWS analysis table, as we ran out of time in our last workshop session. Waiting for the next session will also mean that John and Paige can input any ideas that they have into the table. We will then have nine critical success factors and a list of both macro and micro factors and we will be able to begin to put together a hard copy of the infographic on the computer.



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