Blog Entry Three, W/C 20th October Critical Success Factors

During the week commencing 20th October me and John met in the workshop to complete the TOWS analysis that had been started in the previous week. Although Paige, Karim and Emily could not make the tutorial they have since helped modify and improve the work that was done during that hour.

At the start of the tutorial, we asked Joe to review the progress we had made so far and in doing so, allowed us to see we had made several mistakes on the Internal factors (the strengths and weaknesses) of the TOWS analysis. While I made the corrections John started to create Critical Success Factors and researched any circumstances that could influence these both positively and negatively. We were able to find several CSF’s, an example of which is Kettle Chips have a weakness of limiting themselves to only one market, however they are established enough to be able to break into a new market without the high start up costs such as advertising or finding companies to sell through.

Once this section had been completed we moved on to prioritise the CSF’s, listing them in order of most to least important. We could then focus on which stakeholders could effect these factors (such as negative reviews from customers damaging Kettle Chips reputation when breaking into a new market) and how Kettle Chips would deal with the interferences effectively.

Now that we have the TOWS analysis completed, with the CSF’s and sources to back up every point, we can put all of the information onto one easy to understand infographic during the next tutorial. This session will also allow us to decide and practise how we will present our information to the other students.



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